Anna Belova

Indipendent Director

With her degree from the National Research Nuclear University in Moscow and a PHD in Economics, Anna Belova has a unique practical management cross industry experience including mining, railway, sea and air transport, atomic, gas and coal energy, telecom, infrastructure construction, venture capital, banking, agriculture and logistic. She was Deputy Minister for Railways in the Government of Russia, Vice Chairman in the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, a Principal in Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. and Director Strategy, Development & Integration for Siberian Coal Energy Co. OAO. She was involved in the launch of Vympelcom, the largest Russian mobile company. In 2014 Anna Belova was listed in the EBRD’s list of professional independent Directors for EBRD equity investment department.
She is currently President and Head of Research at the Research Center for System Transformation at the Moscow State University and Professor at Higher School of Economics in Moscow and Independent Director in several large companies, including PSC Unipro, JSC “Highspeed Railways”, PSC AFK Sistema.
She is also a member of the Global Future Council 2018-2019, founded by Klaus Schwab, Founder and President of the World Economic Forum.